Handle with Care

Specific information

Director: Arild Andresen
Production company: Motlys A.S
Production services in Colombia: Dia Fragma Ltda.
Filming locations: Bogotá, Colombia.
Cast: Kristoffer Joner, Kristoffer Bech, Marlon Moreno, Patricia Castañeda
Production Year: 2016


When his wife dies in an accident, Norwegian offshore worker Kjetil is left with his six year old son Daniel, who was adopted from Colombia. Kjetil appears to be coping well with his situation as a widower and single parent; but really, he’s struggling with feelings of anger, inadequacy, and contempt. Driven by desperation, Kjetil decides to travel with Daniel to Colombia to find his biological mother. With the help of Tavo, his guide in Bogota, and her sister Carolina, he sets out to find the boy’s mother; but Kjetil actually intends to leave Daniel in Bogota forever, hoping he will be happier and more loved there. A series of events will force Kjetil to reconsider his relationship with Daniel and to make the right decision, even if it’s not the easiest one.