Law 1556 continues to promote audiovisual production in the country

Colombia has one of the most structured audiovisual production policies in Latin America. Law 1556, which is part of the legislation for the audiovisual industry. So far, this law has benefited 134 projects from 15 countries, attracting 78 production companies and more than US$499 million in investment to our country.

Netflix announces the shooting of “Secuestro al vuelo”

Netflix announced the beginning of the shooting of a new production made in Colombia, beneficiary of the Audiovisual Investment Certificates (CINA), based on true events that took place on May 30, 1973. In this thriller, two armed and hooded individuals hijack Flight 601 and threaten to blow up the plane unless the Colombian government releases 50 political prisoners and pays a cash ransom.

Changes to the Resource Allocation Manual of the Colombia Film Promotion Committee

Colombia has established itself in recent years as an international audiovisual production hub. One of the reasons for reaching this point has been Law 1556 of 2012, which offers two instruments, the FFC (Colombia Film Fund) cash rebate and the CINA Audiovisual Investment Certificates. During the ten years of life of Law 1556, 104 productions […]