Prime Video announces the premiere of the new series “Los Billis”

Inspired by true events, “Los Billis” will be released on November 3, 2023.   Prime Video revealed the official trailer for “Los Billis” a series written and created by Daniel Ayala López (“Manes”) and Diego Ayala López (“Manes”) and directed by Juan Felipe Cano (“Siempre fui yo”) and Mateo Stivelberg (“Las Villamizar” and “Cochina envidia”). […]

CBS to launch new reality series Buddy Games on September 14

The new reality competition series ‘Buddy Games’, hosted by Josh Duhamel, will premiere on Thursday, September 14 on CBS. The project is a beneficiary of the Colombia Film Fund (FFC) cash rebate incentive and was shot in Mosquera, Cundinamarca in February 2023.